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"I was surprised at how easy it was to set up QuickBooks for my companies. John was a big help in helping me navigate through the initial start up and ongoing maintenance of the system. I now have better control over my affairs."
-Ray Crouch, business owner


When I first started my business back in 1997, I asked a colleague how best to keep track of my bookkeeping. Without hesitation, he recommended QuickBooks.

I bought a QuickBooks Pro version back then and have used it ever since. I have all sales and profit/loss data going back all those years. If I want to see a trend in sales over the years, I hit a button. If I want to zoom in on a particular large expense, a double click gives me the source.

I back up QuickBooks on an external hard drive after each use. It takes about one minute, and it is a relief to know it is somewhere else if my PC crashes, which it has.

Recognized as the leader in small business bookkeeping, most banks download banking transactions directly into QuickBooks, saving valuable time.

-John Marklin



Installing and Training for Quickbooks to keep track of cash

Businesses need to keep track of revenues and expenses separately. This is certainly required for tax reporting purposes, but more importantly for day-to-day book purposes. An owner needs to know the daily cash position of the business; therefore it is crucial to devote time, money and energy to a good accounting system.

I recommend QuickBooks for my clients. I find it easy to install, understand and use. It is flexible and allows for changes to be made on the fly. It is simple enough to handle small businesses with revenues less than $100,000 and robust enough to handle revenues of many millions of dollars.

There are different levels of QuickBooks; some online and other versions installed on one or multiple pc’s. I like using QuickBooks Pro, priced around $150 for one pc. I find it handles most aspects of a small business.