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"John played a huge role in deciding which stores to keep and which ones to sell. He helped stabilize our company."
-Jeff Burkhead, Senior VP Southern Family Markets



A friend asked me some time ago if I would help him with a business idea. He wanted to start an advertising agency. He had a couple of partners, an idea and a bunch of enthusiasm.

I met with the three partners and listened to what they wanted from the agency. Although they shared a passion for excellence, each had a very different view of success.

We spent some time crafting a mission statement. A clear cut, simple statement of what they wanted their company to be. Every aspect of growth would need to be in line with the mission statement.

They've had their ups and downs over the past nine years; but mainly up. They've become one of the largest ad agencies in Richmond and have grown to 30 employees. I am honored to still be their advisor.

Their secret? Hire good people and treat them well. In the end, they will reward you exponentially.

-John Marklin



Do any of these questions leave you without an answer?

   1. Profitability:
        Do you understand a financial profit and loss statement,
        a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement?

        Do you know the strengths and weaknesses of your company
        and where you should spend your time to increase its

   2. Analytics:
        Do you know the most profitable segment of your business?

        Have you applied overhead and downtime to the segment
        to see its real profitability?

        Have you thought about diversifying your business into
        another product category, but you are skeptical as to whether
        it will work?

   3. Strategic Planning:
        When is the last time you did a
strategic business plan?

        Do you prepare an annual budget and compare it to actual

   4. Mergers and Acquisitions:
        Have you thought about acquiring or selling a business?

        Have you thought about how to leave your company
        to your children?

   5. Cash Management:
        Are you always tight on cash flow?

        Do you never seem to have funds for working capital?

        Do you have an adequate credit facility with a bank?

We have helped many clients with these types of problems with the ultimate goal to enhance profitability and increase business value. We have over thirty years of financial expertise in diverse settings while working for small businesses.

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